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Pictures from Birni Valdimarsson, pictures that show the country and life in a fun and realistic way. See:

Our best thanks to Björns who lives in Siglufjörður for the use of the pictures that tell each story in its own way and allow the mind to wander. On his website you can enjoy even more pictures, many of them tell stories of people and daily life in Fjallabyggð and Fljótum.

Tengdar greinar


Country Hotel – Guesthouse  – Sunset Cottage In Fossatún you will find places for hiking, walking, incredible scenery and nature both in the bright summer days and dark winter nights illuminated by the Northern Lights. We are working on a […]

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Mid-Hvoll Cottages

Mið-Hvoll Cottages hafa ákveðið að gefa eldriborgurum 20% afslátt. Eldriborgarar bóka hér og nota afsláttarkóðan: eldriborgarar Húsin eru 26,5 fermetrar að stærð, mjög hentug fyrir tvo en mögulegt er fyrir fjóra að gista. Eitt svefnherbergi með tvíbreiðu rúmi (140x200cm). […]

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